Our Program

The material to be covered at AGDA 2022 will include specific courses to benefit junior, intermediate and advanced levels of developers. It will also feature key government and industry entities sharing their vision for the market in Egypt.

Day 1

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Gamification In Education

  1. What is our goal?
    • Serve the educational systems with what we’ve learnt as game developers.
    • Applying what’s called “Gamification” in the educational systems.

  2. What is Gamification?
    • Reward systems.
    • Extrinsic motivation vs. Intrinsic motivation.
    • Self-determination theory.
    • The theory of Flow.
    • The 4 principles of a game.

  3. Discussion about: How can games and traditional educational systems aim at the same target with different strategies?
    • Grading systems.
    • Icon vs individual in competence.
    • Agency & sense of Control.

  4. What are the obstacles that faces the “Gamification of education”?
    • History of gamification attempts.
    • Engagement Crysis.
    • Boundaries between educators & the current gaming scene.

  5. Outro, Q&A.

Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed AbdelFattah
PG Soft Games

Cultural Representation in Games

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is cultural representation?
  3. How does cultural representation affect:
    • Individuals.
    • Society.
    • External views.
  4. Case Study: Japan
  5. Case Study: Arab World
  6. Intro about FitNot
  7. How FitNot approach cultural representation
  8. Case A: Abu Ashraf Food Cart
  9. Case B: Sobia King
  10. Case C: Madame Affaf
  11. Case D: Cairo 2048
  12. Q&A

Abdallah Elshabrawy

Day 2

Friday, 18 February 2022

Making outline cartoon look for 3D Art

Workshop synopsis:

  • Introduction to describe how to create an outline and cartoon look for 3D models with the normal unlit shader.
  • Starting with the idea behind modeling the object and how to use the object normals to create the targeted look. 
  • Use Autodesk Maya “or any relevant software”.

Moreover creating the object UV and preparing it for texturing, for texturing we will use Substance painter “or any relevant software”. Finally rendering the object using Marmoset toolbag “or any relevant software”.

Sara Elshenawy

Unreal Engine and the Epic ecosystem

  • Introduction to unity:
    Game Engine
    Visual Editor
  • What can unity do for you?

Artificial Intelligence

  • Concepts & Workflow
  • Live Demo

Ahmed Mustafa

Day 3

Saturday, 19 February 2022

How to polish your game

  • What does it mean to polish a game?
  • What does the player need ? “Feel / Controls / Mechanics”
  • Make the Player’s eyes Happy
    Art Style
    Game & Level Design Polish.
  • Make the Player’s ears Happy
    Audio Effects
  • The Overall Experience and Game Loop.
  • The Last Tip Test, Test, Test!

Mostafa Hashem

Gaming Knowledge

  • Global insights about games
  • Why games need marketing
  • Types of games
  • Game players segments
  • Importance of games soft launch
  • What drives lifetime revenue in modern games
  • Players acquisition tactics
  • Players engagement and retention
  • Games marketing success metrics
  • Examples of marketing Case Studies

Tamer Abdelaziz

  • History of 3D Game Arts
    Early period
    Game Engines
    Mobile Platforms 
  • 3D Game art workflow
    3D Models -Polygons (Low Poly) – Nanite (High poly) – Grooms
    Textures – Hand Painted – Generated -Scanned
    Level Design
    Shaders Programming
    Game VFX
    Lighting – Lighting Techniques – Lighting Technologies (Baked – RT – hypered tech)
    Post Process 
  • Platform Requirements
    Mobile (Android / IOS)
    Consoles (Playstation, Xbox)
    Nintendo Switch
    PC VR
    Portable / Mobile VR
  • The Future of the Industry
    In-Game NFTs 

Ammar Keshta, Ibrahim El-Sayed

Calling all gaming and app developers!

Do you work in the gaming and app developer industry and would like to share your knowledge with a keen new generation and gain access to fresh talent?

For AGDA 2022, we’re looking for industry specialists to coach junior, intermediate and newly professional developers on various elements of the industry through structured, 1.5 hour workshops over the course of 2-3 days. These workshops should contain instruction and practice elements and can even include some homework.